What is a Medical Emergency Response System 115?

9/30/2019 12:00:00 AM

Diseases and emergencies are those that can lead to physical or mental injuries and mental illness if not provided on time.

It is the duty of the medical emergency system to reach the patient's bedside in the shortest possible time and to provide medical services and transfer to medical centers, but given that the capacity of responding to all applicants is limited as a result of the emergency communication unit (Dispatch) which responds to the call. It has recipients, comprised of trained Nursing Experts - General Practitioners, to prevent ambulance dispatches by providing telephone counseling and guidance.

Call center experts ask questions about the patient's status from the caller during the call, which include: age of the patient - history of the disease - patient's main complaint (what's wrong now?) And so on. The caller can gather information in three possible ways.

1. The patient has an emergency and the ambulance is dispatched immediately.

2- These services require emergency and ambulance dispatch and can assure you that they can allow you to get to work.

3-Cases that the telephone operator detects referral to the communications physician and provide details of his or her history to the physician and the physician, patient, or caller And will provide the patient or caller with the necessary guidance and the ambulance will be sent to the patient if the patient is diagnosed.


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